Beez Rewards Program 

Here at Beez we believe you should be rewarded for spending your hard earned money here at our store, no matter what you buy! 

With the Beez Rewards Card you can earn points on anything you buy including tobacco and beer*. 

We offer a large selection of items and deals for our customers to redeem their points for.

* you can earn points when you buy cigarettes and beer; however, due to state and federal laws you cannot redeem points against tobacco or beer.

Here is what you can redeem your points for

  • 20 points - Free Vinyl Sticker

  • 40 points - 5% off your next eligible purchase

  • 80 points - 10% off your next eligible purchase

  • 100 points - Free 11.99 Hat

  • 250 points - Free T-Shirt

  • 450 points - $10.00 Beez Gift Card

  • 500 points - Free South West Design Small Blanket

  • 700 points - Free Hoodie

  • 900 points - $25.00 Beez Gift Card